Teddy Bear Day SMS

Best Teddy Bear day SMS

A lovely teddy bear for the most lovable and important person in my life! Happy Teddy Bear day!

Who said teddies aren’t real… just look at you!!… You are the cutest and most lovable teddy! Happy Teddy Bear Day

Hope the teddy bear I am sending makes you smile during your low moments! Happy Teddy Bear Day my love!

Sending my warm wishes on Teddy Bear Day to my beloved partner who is just like a teddy to me. Thank you for showering so much love and pampering me.

Wishing a cute and lovely teddy bear day to my adorable Girlfriend who is always there for me whenever I need her. I will always love you no matter what.

Teddy bears don’t need a heart or a heartbeat as they are stuffed with love. Happy Teddy Bear Day

You are soft and cute like a teddy bear. On this day, I just wanna cuddle you. Happy Teddy Bear Day

Ur cuddling is as soft as the one of the teddy bear
Ur smile is as cute as that of a teddy’s smile
Ur innocence matches the level of a teddy’s innocence
Who says teddies are not for real?
I have one in you, my dear
Happy Teddy Bear Day!

On this Teddy Bear Day, accept this message as my promise to be your cuddly bear for a lifetime with an unlimited supply of hugs and kisses. Happy Teddy Bear Day, baby!

There is only one person in the whole world who can give competition to teddy bears in terms of cuteness and it is you, my love. Happy Teddy Bear Day

You are my little, cute, and chubby doll and I promise to be your teddy bear making you smile like this forever, wifey. Happy Teddy Bear Day

I may not be there always by your side, that is why I am sending this cute teddy bear for you to present you with warm hugs and lots of kisses to start your day beautifully and end lovingly. Happy Teddy Bear Day my love

Today, on Teddy bear Day, I want to tell you that you, my love is more warm, cute, adorable, and lovely than most of the teddy bears around. So, be the one that can be with me forever and ever.

21 Best Happy Teddy Bear Day SMS In English

Like your teddy, I want you to hug me tight and spend with me all your nights. Happy Teddy Day!

Happy Teddy Day to my soft, sweet and cute teddy. You are cuter than the cutest teddy ever.

Giving you a big fat fluffy teddy so that you never feel my absence. Happy Teddy Day Sweetheart, love you!

A teddy is always a best friend who listens to every problem of a person and this will help when I am not there.
Happy Teddy Day!

You are never alone, you always have my side, my back and a teddy which will always remind you of me.
Happy Teddy Day Darling!

The softness of your love reminds me of my childhood love for teddy.
You are my adult version of love for teddy. Happy Teddy day!

Teddy is never an outdated gift for any generation, being it childhood or adult it goes for every age. Happy Teddy Day!

I don’t want to gift you a teddy toy as I will rather gift myself to you as I am your forever teddy.
Happy Teddy Day!

Hi, it’s a teddy day I need a huge teddy to hug so are you coming? You are my favorite teddy. Happy Teddy Day!

May the warmth of love always be with you, and here I am sending you the teddy to keep you warm with love. Happy Teddy Day!

Teddy is a stress buster, a tight hugger, no complains and demands in case if you don’t find me.
you know where to go Your teddy. Happy Teddy Day!

You are my shoulder to cry upon, like earlier I had my Teddy.
Hope this Teddy helps you the same way. Happy Teddy Day!

I am gifting you this teddy, so that whenever you look at it you would be reminded of me. Happy Teddy Day!

Just like your fluffy Teddy Bear, I also want to be your friend for life and start by your side. Happy Teddy Day!

When it comes to giving those awesome teddy bear hugs, no one can match you.
I am lucky to have a friend like you. Happy Teddy Day!

Here’s this teddy, saying I am so ready to love you, miss you and cuddle you forever. Happy Teddy Day!

Even if the sun refuse to shine, the words refuse to rhyme, You will always be my valentine.
Love you sweetheart. Happy Teddy Day!

I may not be there to love you but I am sending this teddy to give you warm hugs, Love you. Happy Teddy Day!

Who said teddy’s aren’t real, I mean just look at you.
You are the most adorable teddy, my love!. Happy Teddy Day!

On this Teddy Day I want to tell you, you are more warm, cute and cuddly than any teddy bear. Love you!

Hey you, Happy Teddy Bear Day, I know you are crazy for teddies, but I didn’t tell you ever that Your my teddy bear.

Teddy Bear Day Wishes Text Sms

Lots of sweet Teddy hugs and kisses from my side on this Teddy Bear Day!

It’s Teddy bear day and I am ready for your crazy bear hug!

Sending a teddy to my cutest cuddly beloved who is certainly my life. Happy Teddy Day.

Happy Teddy Bear day to my cutest cuddly sweetheart!

It’s Teddy Bear Day
I just wanted to say

On this day, I’m gifting you this teddy, to show that I’m ready,
to make you mine and always ensure that you’re fine.

Happy Teddy Day to my dear valentine.
Because you’re the teddy bear of my life,
Forever by my side and ready with a hug,
Because you give me the warmth and make me smile,
And fill my days with sunshine.

On this teddy bear day..
I am sending you a teddy bear..
But the bad thing is that..
It can’t compete with you in cuteness.

I am sending a Teddy to you.
Love my Teddy Bear,
Kiss my Teddy Bear,
Hug my Teddy Bear,
keep that Teddy Carefully Because Teddy has my heart Happy Teddy Day .

Do not close your eyes to the one who opened your heart.Happy teddy bear day.

10 Text Sms Of Teddy Bear Day

I wish I was a teddy bear that lay close to you, so everytime you cuddled it. You cuddled me instead. Happy Teddy bear Day sweetheart.

It’s a TEDDY BEAR DAY! And I ‘m thinking of someone cute and huggable that someone SPECIAL IS YOU. Happy Teddy Bear Day

You are always in my thoughts and in my dreams whereever may I go you will always be close to my heart on Teddy Bear Day.I’d like to say’I LOVE YOU’ more than you know. Happy Teddy Bear Day

And I found my paradise in you, you are the most precious treasure. Just want to say I’ll always love you . Happy Teddy Day.

A cute Teddy Bear, for my cute friend on a cute occasion. Just to say I am ‘beary’ lucky to have you in my life. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Wherever I may go, you will always be there in my thoughts and mind. Wishing you lots of love. Happy Teddy Day.

You may not be able to hug me but you can surely hug this teddy bear. Happy Teddy Day dear!

( ‘ o ‘ )
Happy Teddy Bear Day

Hi (‘ “”()
I just ((“)’ )
blew ( / “(,,)
a special kiss 4 u
(“(‘-‘, )
( (,,)
catch it you
might miss it
Teddy Bear Day

( (T))
(ö) (ö)
WHERE are you?
((T) )
(ö) (ö)
Right? No!
( (T))
(ö) (ö)
Left? No!
( (T) )
(ö) (ö)
There you are!

Teddy Bear Day Text SMS

I am sorry I am away, I am sorry on this special day, I just sent a special teddy, To wish you Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Teddies are just another reason, Just another way to say I care, I will be there forever, No matter the good and bad times we share! Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Hug a bear day is not how long you’ve been together; not how much you’ve given or receive; not how many times you’ve helped each other. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Life is a journey, and love is what makes that journey worthwhile. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

By gifting you this teddy I want to show am ready to make you mine and fill my life with sunshine…

A cute teddy bear, to my cute friend, on a cute occasions, just to say. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Love can’t be described, It’s meant to be felt through the way we care, Wish you a happy teddy day, Hope there are more such days that we share.

Never could tell you my love, never could I share the things of my heart, but on this special teddy day, will you be mine on this valentine ’s day?

A cute teddy bear, to my cute friend, on a cute occasions, just to say. Happy Teddy Bear Day!