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Sms Of Friendship

Friendship is always a sweet responsibilty, never an oppourtunity.” – Kahil Gibran

A Friend is : 1% Funny , 2% Sweet , 3% Caring , 4% Loving , and ………………. 90% Smart
& good looking . That’s y U r My FRIEND …. !!!! Have a nice day n Keep smiling!

True friendship is never serene.”
– Mariede Svign

Friendship is d ship which has no specific destination. It is an unending voyage. Let r friendship sail smoothly thru d path of difficulties, sorrows n sadness.

What is real but invisible? Ur love… What is true but unfair? Ur away from me… What is sweet but invincible? Ur smile… What is precious but priceless? Ur friendship…

Don’t make friends before understanding
Don’t break a friendship after misunderstanding

A gun can kill some one fire can burn some one i wind can chill anger can rage till it tears you apart but dear friend power of your smile can heal a frozen heart

One day Friendship and Love met. Love asked why do you exists when I am here, friendship ans I am here to leave smile where u leave tears.

A friend is like a rainbow. They brighten your life when you’ve been through a storm.”

Ending a friendship may be a difficult decision. However, sometimes it is unavoidable. The best way is to tell them in person. Many people believe avoidance is the answer when ending a relationship. However, this is not a good technique in that it leaves broken hearts and anger on both sides.

12 Sms Of Friendship

Whenever I look at my palm,I wonder which of those tiny cute crisscross lines made me so lucky to have a sweet & nice friend like u

Friendship is like thighs, they are always sticking together.”
-Sent in by Leesa and Ashley

A person who truly likes u opr knows u, is the one who sees the pain in ur eyeswhile EVERYONE ELSE still believes in the smile on ur face..

The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships.”
– Abraham Lincoln, (sent by Heather Myers)

To be your friend was all I ever wanted;
To be your lover was all I ever dreamed.”
Valerie Lombardo

Fill in the blank…Im ur …..friend-
Of all Reply is a must…

If i could pull down the rainbow, i would write ur name on it and putit back in the sky 2 let everybody know how colourful my life is with a frd like u.

A friend you have to buy, wont be worth what you pay for him.”
-Sent in by Maris B

A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more.”

Met you as a stranger
Took you as a friend
Hope we meet in Heaven
Where friendship never ends”

I want to be frends with cute guys, I have alredy 11 of them. If I can hav u I can make a Dozen. Are u interested?

Ur words r ANTIBIOTICS, Ur smile is ANALOGESIC, Ur touch is ANTI-INFLAMTORY, Ur presence is ANTISEPTIC, Ur SMS is ANTI-PYRETIC.. That’s why i never fall ill:)

10 Friendship Text SMS Collection

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though they know you are slightly cracked.”

U r 95% Beautiful,
U r 96% Sweet,
U r 97% Nice,
U r 98% Cute,
U r 99% Lovely,
&&&&100% Best Friend.

I shed a tear in the ocean. The day I find it is the day I stop loving you.”

I can’t afford a precious FRIEND like YOU!!!
GOD is so wise that he never created FRIENDS with pricetags, Because….. If He did, I can’t afford a precious FRIEND like YOU!

People who love you
People who you love back
People that will always be there for you
Through the good times and the bad
They make you happy when you are sad
They are angels that have yet to earn their wings
They are your dearest friends”

A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway. — Fr. Jerome Cummings

Friends show their love in times of trouble…”

“feeling”is a painting never spoil it
“FACE”is a book try to read it
“LOVE” is precious be ready to sacrifice for it
“friendship” is a mirror never”break” it.

If still night comes b4 morning,life comes bfr death,spring comes before winter.It means we r still friends

Friendship is a promise spoken by the heart
Is not given by plege, nor written on paper,
But promise renewed everytime friends keep in touch.

Friendship Text Messages Collection

My father always used to say that when you die, if you’ve got five real friends, you’ve had a great life.

Friendship is like a glass when it broke it cannot be mended but if we try to mend it ,it will mend for temporary not permanent……

Deep like OCEAN.
High like SKY.
Strong like IRON.
Kind like MOTHER.
& cute like ME.

We cannot tell the precise moment when a friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, There is at last one drop that makes it run over. So in a series of kindness there is at last one drop that makes the heart run over.”

Before I got in touch with u,
I used to gaze at stars as they were only my friends.
But after I met u,I started believing
That stars do fall on Earth.

The best antiques are old friends.”

Where there are friends, there is wealth.
Titus Maccius Plautus

A friend gives hope when life is low, a friend is a place when you have nowhere to go, a friend is honest, a friend is true. A friend is precious a friend is u.

A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart

Never abandon old friends. They are hard 2 replace. Friendships is like wine: it gets BETTER as it grows OLDER. Just like us… i get BETTER, u get OLDER.

Friendship SMS

Friendship is a network that needs..
NO Recharge!
NO Roaming!
NO Validity!
NO activation!
NO Signal prbms!
Just don’t switch off ur Heart

Make a heart which never breaks,
Make a smile which never hurts,
Make a touch which never pains,
Make a friendship which never ends.

U r So sweet as gin as hard as rum as warm as brandy as clear as vodka as machured as wiskey as refreshing as bear.U r a mini bar of Friendship

Of all the friends i’ve ever met,
Your the one I won’t forget,
And if I die before you do,
I’ll go to heaven and wait for you

A friend scolds like dad, cares like a mom, teases like a sis, irritates like a bro,FRIENDSHIP- the blend of all relation,U r my best friend, b my friend 4ever

Treat life as sea,
Heart as d seashore &
FRIENDS like d waves.
It never matters how many waves r there?
What matters is which 1 touches d seashore.

Sweet fruits nice 2 eat,
Sweet words easy 2 say,
Sweet friend hard 2 find,
It’s my goodness how did i find u.Sonum

Without HUMOUR life SUCKS
Without COURAGE life is HARD
Without LUV life is HOPELESS

The following seven quotes were sent in by Susannah Thomson
“You are you and I am I,
You do your thing and i’ll do mine,
And if in the end we meet up together,
It is beautiful.”

I always thought loving someone is the greatest feeling, but I realized
That loving a friend is even better. We lose people we love, but we never
Lose true friendsö