Wishing Happy Father’s Day

he relationship between a father and a child contains love, affection, happiness, sadness, possessive and protectiveness, all in total pure form.

Fathers are generally out to work at daytime but they come back home in the darkness full of real power.

A father is the one who not only supports the family financially but envelops all the members with extreme safety.

A father is the one who mostly become generous to your faults while providing you unconditional love.

A father is someone who is always ready to listen to your complaints and pampers you to the utmost.

A father is the pillar of everlasting support and strength.

A father supports a family in all fields and protects all the members unconditionally.

The greatest gift which the Almighty has provided me is my Dad.

A father is the one who is ready to look up the matters of his children no matter how much he has grown up.

A father is someone who does not directs how to live but lives perfectly to be a role model to his children.

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