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Cool Text SMS Collection

Beautiful pictures are devolved From negatives in a dark room. So, if u see darkness in ur life Be sure that god is making A beautiful picture 4 u! 🙂

Thought of the day! Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is when, Relationship dies inside us
When we are alive.

A trainee in a big multinational company,
Dialed c.e.o. by mistake and said:
“hey send a hot coffee in accounts deptt, in 2 mins”.
C.e.o. shouted: “do u know with whom u are talking ?”
Trainee : “no.”
C.e.o: “i am c.e.o. of the company”.
Trainee in the same tune: “do u know with whom u are talking ?”
C.e.o : “no.”
Trainee said: “thanx god”
& disconnected the phone!

You can win me, You can lose me but Never try 2 use me

The happiness of ur life depends upon The quality of ur thoughts. But the quality if ur thoughts depends on
The person whom u meet in ur life

How much love in your heart….?
100 % ( call me)
50 % ( sms me )
25 % ( only a ring)
0 % no answer) regards !!!!!

Today’s weather forecast.
It would be cloudy if you frown,
Rainy if you cry,
Clear if you are happy,
Sunny if you smile and stormy if you sing.
~~~good morning~~~

Birth is like a dot.
Life is like a line.
Love is like a triangle.
But friendship is like a circle,
Because circles don’t have an end.

Missing u is my “hobby”
Care 4 u, is my “job”
Make u happy, is my “dream”
Pray 4 u, is my “duty” &
2 keep friendship wid u,
Is my “choice”

There is no difference between complete and finish.
But when u love a right person, u r complete.
And when u love a wrong person, u r finished.

Cool SMS

If i get your smile,
I don’t need flowers,
If i get your voice,
I don’t need music,
If you speak to me,
I dont need anybody else,
You just be my friend,
I don’t need the world!

One day u may ask me:
What is more important to you,
Me or your life?
I will say: my life…
You will walk away from me
Without knowing that u r my life!

If you will carry on the way
Guided by human,
You will find a hopeless end.
But if you will carry on the way
Guided by allah, you will find
An endless hope.

The beauty of life
Does not depend on
How happy you are,
But on how happy others can be
Because of you.

Is like a river
Which have many turns
So enjoy every turn
These turns never return..

Cool SMS

The rain makes all things beautiful,
The grass and flowers too,
If rain makes all things beautiful,
Why does not it rain on you?

Flowers need sunshine,
Violets need dew,
All angels in heaven know i need u.

I may have forgotten to say that i care,
I may have failed to open up and share..
But though no words have been spoken,
My promise of eternal friendship won’t be broken…

Your validity of being my friend is going to be expired today,
Pleases recharge your friendship immediately by delivering 4-5 sweet & cool messages.
So hurry

The worst thing in life is attachment,
It hurts when you loose it.
The best thing in life is loneliness,
Because it teaches you everything
& when you lo0se it, you get everything!!

10 Cool SMS

Follow two things for long life friendship.
1. Don’t talk if you are angry.
2. Don’t take the words seriously from a friend
Who is angry.

Darkness holds a whole new world,
An unknown dimension of uncertainity
And unmatched peace…..
Be a part of “darness”
Join in and be consumed by it.

If a paper comes very tough in exam.
Just close your eyes for a moment.
Take a deep breath and say loudly.
This is a very interesting subject,
I want to study it again.

Good decisions come from experience.
But experience comes from bad decisions.
This is life…
So, never regret.
Learn from mistakes and go ahead.

Having friends is the best thing can ever happen,
Having you is the best thing i ever had in my hole life !!!

Cool SMS

Hi, keep messaging me and win exciting prizes,
1st-lots of love,
2nd-life time friendship,
3rd-free stay in my heart,
Offer valid till i m alive….

A lovely star dropped on earth one night.
Asked me you want a million dollar or a good friend?
I had to choose million dollars because, i already have you…

I feel happy.
Do u know y?
Coz i’m lucky
U know y?
Coz god loves me
U know how?
Coz god send me a wonderful friend
U know who?
Its u!!!

If i had one last wish before i die
My last wish would be that,
You will never cry

Never play with the feelings of others.
Because you may win the game.
But the risk is that you will surely loose
The person for life time.

U want and u get that is luck,
U want and u wait that is time,
U want but u compromise that is life
And u want but u sacrifice that is love

I love u