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Beautiful pictures are devolved From negatives in a dark room. So, if u see darkness in ur life Be sure that god is making A beautiful picture 4 u! 🙂

Thought of the day! Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is when, Relationship dies inside us
When we are alive.

A trainee in a big multinational company,
Dialed c.e.o. by mistake and said:
“hey send a hot coffee in accounts deptt, in 2 mins”.
C.e.o. shouted: “do u know with whom u are talking ?”
Trainee : “no.”
C.e.o: “i am c.e.o. of the company”.
Trainee in the same tune: “do u know with whom u are talking ?”
C.e.o : “no.”
Trainee said: “thanx god”
& disconnected the phone!

You can win me, You can lose me but Never try 2 use me

The happiness of ur life depends upon The quality of ur thoughts. But the quality if ur thoughts depends on
The person whom u meet in ur life

How much love in your heart….?
100 % ( call me)
50 % ( sms me )
25 % ( only a ring)
0 % no answer) regards !!!!!

Today’s weather forecast.
It would be cloudy if you frown,
Rainy if you cry,
Clear if you are happy,
Sunny if you smile and stormy if you sing.
~~~good morning~~~

Birth is like a dot.
Life is like a line.
Love is like a triangle.
But friendship is like a circle,
Because circles don’t have an end.

Missing u is my “hobby”
Care 4 u, is my “job”
Make u happy, is my “dream”
Pray 4 u, is my “duty” &
2 keep friendship wid u,
Is my “choice”

There is no difference between complete and finish.
But when u love a right person, u r complete.
And when u love a wrong person, u r finished.

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