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Life may not b d party u hoped for but that doesn’t mean u should stop dancing!
Remember u r d DJ of ur life!
Just spin it!
Rock it!
Enjoy it! 😉

1 tree makes 1 lakh matchsticks..
1 Matchstick can burn 1 lakh trees..
MORAL- 1 Negative thought can burn all positive thoughts!
So be positive in life!! 🙂

The joy that u give to others is d joy that flows back into ur life!
A happy heart makes a cheerful face!
May all ur days b as lovely as ur heart.. 🙂

A strong & positive attitudes creates more miracles than any other thing coz life is 10% how u make it
& 90% how u take it!! 🙂

Don’t think of d few things that u didn’t get 4m god after praying!
Think of all those countless beautiful things that he gave u without even asking!

Beautiful pictures r developed by negatives in dark room!
So if u c darkness in life, believe that God is making a Beautiful picture for u!! 🙂

Life never seems to be the way we want it but we have to live it the best way we can!
There is no perfect life, but we can fill it with PERFECT MOMENTS.. ”

Hurting sum1 is as easy as cutting a tree- within a moment!
But making sum1 happy is like growing a tree- Takes a lot of time, care & patience!!

All d right things r not possible always!
All d possible things r not right always!
So be true to ur heart & you’ll never go wrong in life!

Sometimes in life, One feels that all doors r now closed!
When that happens in ur life, remember d words- “A closed door isn’t always locked!!” 🙂

Best lines by a great man-
“I studied everything but never topped!!
But, today the Toppers of d best universities r my employees….”

HOPE & END r always there for everyone!
Depends on us how we deal with them..

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