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Coincidence decides whom u meet in life,Ur heart decides whom u want to stay in ur life… Destiny decides who will get to stay in ur life…

Its Easy To Have Faith In Yourself When You’re A Winner, What You’ve Got To Have Is Faith And Discipline When You’re Not Yet A Winner …… !!

Needing someone is like needing a Parachute … If he isn’t there the first time you Need him, chances are you won’t be needing him again … (=

Constant Kindness Can Accomplish Much. As The Sun Makes Ice Melt, Kindness Causes Misunderstanding, Mistrust And Hostility To Evaporate…

Life is a BOOK We all read it, Love is BLESSING we all need it, Always be HAPPY, Always have a SMILE, Remember in this World we are just for WHILE !!

Excellence Isn’t Something That U Can Just Turn On & Off Whenever U Need It. Its A Habit, That’s Rooted In Attitude & Effects Every Part Of Ur Life.

Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring. So dream hope and love…Makes Life Beautiful

One Tree Makes One Lakh Matchstick But One Matchstick can burn One Lakh trees.
Moral: One Negative thought can burn all positive thoughts.

A negative thinker see a difficulty in every opportunity,A positive thinker see an opportunity in every difficulty,wish u an optimistic life..

An arrow can be shot only by dragging it back. So, when life is dragging u back with difficulties it means its going to launch u to a victory…

If someone feels that he has never done a mistake in his life..
Then it means he has never tried a new thing in his life..

Never Design Ur Character Like A Garden Where Any1 Can Walk.
Design Ur Character Like The Sky Where Every1 Desire To Reach…

U Are Not Responsible For What People Think About U But U Are Responsible For What U Give Them To Think About U.. Remember To Have Positive Attitude Always.

“Success is Not Permanent & Failure is Not Final!
So Never Stop Working after Success & Never Stop Trying after Failure”.

The Duck Looks Smooth And Calm On Top Of Water But Underneath There Is Restless Peddling
Similarly In Life Nothing Worthwhile Comes Without Struggle.

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Shalom says:

Wow so touching words en motivating am touched en ecouranged

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