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Soldier: Sir, We Are Surrounded By Enemies On All Sides Major: Excellent We Can Attack On Any Direction. Attitude Decides Our Life.

Someone Remembers, Somebody Cares, YOUR Name Is Whispered In Somebody”s Prayers, Keep The Bright Hope Of Sunshine In View, Someone Is Warmly Thinking Of You

Special Message For You Only My Dear You Cant Be Defeated By Anyone In This World Unless You Get Defeated By Yourself By Losing Confidence So Never And Ever Lose Your Self-Confidence.

Stand for truth even at the expense of losing popularity.

Start the work in the name of God, do the work with the help of God
finish the work with thanks to God, because he decides, gives and makes everything possible.

Stay Soft Hearted, Cool & Silent When Your Value Increase..
It’s A Proven Fact That..
Coins Always Make Noise Even If Those Are A Few And
Currency Notes Always Remain Silent Even If They Are Plenty Of..

Success is like tip of the tail !!!If cat runs to catch the tail.It has to keep running forever.But if it walks in its own style.Tail follows!!Live life with ur own rules.

Success is like ur own shadow, If you try to catch them you will never succeed, Ignore it and WALK IN your own way it will follow you……!!!!! Best of Luck

Success is not Permanent
And Failure is not Final
So Never Stop Working after Success
And Never Stop Trying after Failure

Success is like your own shadow…
If u try to catch them u never succeed.
Ignore it and walk in ur own way.
It will follow U…

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