Ten Abbreviation SMS

Few Relations In Earth Never Die.

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H-Happiness of life.
O-Ocean of color
L-Language of love
I-Integration with one another.
Wishing u and ur family
“Happy colorful n safe HOLI”

The Full Form of Chocolate Brand:
KITKAT: Kiss in Time, Kiss at Time.
PERK: Perfect Emotional Romantic Kiss.
MUNCH: Meet Urgently Now for a Charming Hug!
So Think before giving chocolate to any one.

ISLAM stands for:
I = I
S = Should
L = Love
A = Always
M = Muhammad (S.A.W)

Khabi kesi se MOHABBAT mat karna
Because MOHABBAT means

M: Mot (Death)
O: Oljhan (Dilemma)
H: Harna (Losing)
A: Aanso (Tears)
B: Barbadi (Destruction)
B: Bewafayi (Dis-loyalti)
A: Andhaira (Darkness)
T: Tanhayi (Loneliness)

Husband asks: Do you know the meaning of WIFE?
It means? Without Information, Fighting Every time!
WIFE says: No darling,
It means :- With Idiot For Ever

These are some of the romantic countries in the world
“Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies”
“I Trust And Love You”
“Love Is Beautiful You Also”

M, Mot.
O, Oljhan.
H, Harna.
A, Aansu.
B, Bewafai.
B, Barbadi.
A, Andhera.
T, Tanhai.
SO Friendship Is Always Better Than Love?

T-here’s richness in a love for life
H-ere among the valentines,
A-king and queen as man and wife:
N-ot leaning towards what lust inclines;
K-nowing well the needs of state.
Y-on regal grace alone attends,
O-n which the peace, both small and great,
U-ndone by doubt, alone depends

Funny abbrevation of some finanacial terms.
Bse = bombay se exit
Nse = nation se exit
F/o = future over
Nifty = no income for this year
Fii = fraud international i

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