Abbreviation Messages


S – Surprises For You
H – Happiness For You
U – Unlimited Love For You
T – True Passion For You

U – Your Always In My Mind
P – Praying For You

So Again? SHUT UP!!!

Do You Know The Fullform of COLLEGE…

C – Come
O – On
L – Lets
L – Love
E – Each
G – Girl
E – Equally

That’s Why Boys Go To College Regularly!

Live With The 3 E’s…

And The 3 F’s…

Then You Will Feel Life In Your Life!

Eid Is The Combination of 3 Meaningful Words…

E – Embrace With Open Heart
I – Inspire With Impressive Attitude
D – Distribute Pleasure To All

Eid Mubarak!


M – Most
I – Innovative
S – Stylish
S – STill
E – Effectieve
D – Device

C – Conveying
A – Apnapan
L – Love
L – Loneliness

Few Relations In Earth Never Die.

Want To Know What Is It?

Read Again
|I |In.

H – Happiness of Life.
O – Ocean of Color
L – Language of Love
I – Integration with One Another.

Wishing You And Your Family – Happy Colorful And Safe HOLI!

The Full Form of Chocolate Brand:-

KITKAT – Kiss in Time, Kiss at Time.
PERK – Perfect Emotional Romantic Kiss.
MUNCH – Meet Urgently Now for a Charming Hug!

So, Think Before Giving Chocolate To Anyone…

ISLAM stands for:

I – I
S – Should
L – Love
A – Always
M – Muhammad (S.A.W)

Husband Asks: Do you know the meaning of WIFE?

It Means? Without Information, Fighting Every Time!

WIFE Says: No darling,

It Means :- With Idiot For Ever

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