12 Funny Sms

Q: What is purple, small, and dangerous?
A: A grape carrying a machine gun.

Q: Which hand is usually used to stir tea?
A: Neither hand, it is usually stirred using a spoon.

Q: Name the gun that the police dog uses?
A: Dogmatic.

Q: What is the favourite food of brave soldiers?
A: Hero sandwiches.

Q: How do polite young lambs say to their mothers?
A: Thank ewe [Thank you!]

Q: What do you call a stolen candy?
A: Hot chocolate.

Q: How do vampires save their cash?
A: Blood banks, of course.

Q: What happens if you cross an elephant with a Boy Scout?
A: You get a real big uniform.

Q: What is the last thing you eat before one dies?
A: You bite the dust.

Q: What happens to evil pigs?
A: They become devilled ham.

Q: What do mice wear to gym?
A: “Squeakers”

Q: Why did the turkey cross the street?
A: To catch the bus to Mexico to avoid Thanksgiving

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