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when I don’t get ur sms!!
a little pain in my heart
a small tear in my eyes
& sadness falls on my face
what is this?
its nothing just DRAMA BAZI:-)

When I hear someone say “life is heard” I am tempted to ask “compared to what” – Sydney J Harris.

When It Rains All The Birds Occupy Shelter, But Eagle Alone Avoids The Rain By Flying Above The Cloud. Problem Is Common To All But Attitude Makes The Difference.

When Life Knocks You Down,
Try To Land On Your Back,
Cuz If You Can Look Up,
You Can Get Up

When life seems so tough, go on.
When things go wrong, move on.
Bear in mind that
God gives you strength to persevere,
not to surrender.

When one door of
Happiness closes
another Opens, But
often we look so long
At the closed door
That we do not see
The one which has opened.

When The Ordinary Man Is Dreaming For Success, The Extraordinary Man Gets Up And Starts Working And Succeeds, So Get Up Successor.

When U Love Your Parents Its Equal To God,,, When U Love Your Friends Its Equal To Truthfulness,,, But When U Love Yourself Its Equal To Confidence.

when worshiper doing a worship,
he looks handsome,because
in influence of worship everything become like heaven.

When You Are In Light, Everything Will Follow You, But When You Enter Dark Even Your Own Shadow Will Not Follow You.

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