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I never doubted that ultimately we were going to be free,
Because ultimately, i knew there was no way in which a lie
Could prevail over the truth, darkness over light, death over life.

Love…… what you’ve got, remember…….
What you had, learn from…..
Your mistakes, but never regret,
People change, things go wrong,
But remember life goes on…..

Smile is electricity and life is battery.
Whatever you smile the battery gets charges
And a beautiful day is activated.

Rich dad has taught me “you can’t do it” doesn’t necessarily mean “you can’t”.
It more often means “they can’t”.

Disappointment are like road hump,
They slow you down a bit but you enjoy….
The smooth road afterwards…..
Don’t stay on the humps too long.

In rain all birds find shelter but eagle is the one that
Avoids the rain by flying above the clouds.
Problem is common to all but attitude makes the difference.

Sovereignty is a question of principle.
We must tell the iraqis: you are a sovereign people.
And you are in charge of your own future.

Don’t keep your dreams in ur eyes
They may appear as tears
Keep them in hearts so that every
Heart beat may remind u to fulfill ur dreams

To be a friend means encourage strengths in others and
Accepting their weaknesses; in other words, accepting
Them for who they are.

To succeed in whatever you do, no need to work hard,
Just do ur work with love and commitment.

Tomorrow you may want to persuade somebody to do something.
Before you speak, pause and as yourself, “how can i make this person want to do it?”

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