Amazing Funny Text Sms

Q: How do you know when a bucket is not keeping well?
A: When it is a little pail, it is obvious that it is not keeping too well.

Q: How easy is it to make an eggroll?
A: Just push an egg and you get an “egg roll’

Q: What is a sheep that is covered in chocolate called?
A: A Hershey baa. [bar!]

Q: What do you call a pie in the sky?
A: A flying pizza.

Q: Why do you have to be careful, while you do math in a lion’s den?
A: Because if you happened to get four plus four, you get “ate” [eight].

Q: What made the woman eat bullets?
A: Since she wanted her hair to grow in bangs.

Q: Why did the orchestra have bad manners?
A: Without a conductor, it did not know how to conduct itself properly.

Q: Do minsters ever use operator assistance?
A: Very unlikely, as they go from parson to parson.

Q: What type of eggs do evil chickens lay?
A: Devilled eggs, obviously.

Q: What is a boxer’s favourite drink?
A: A “Punch” for sure.

Q: Which hired killer is never executed?
A: Insect exterminator.

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