Get well Soon wishes Sms for Boyfriend

If hugs and kisses could cure, you’d have been immune to everything by now. Get Well Soon

Sweetheart, please get better soon. Why? Because I want to kiss you, hug you and hold you tight. I love you! Get Well Soon

It’s sad to see you suffer, but just wait a little longer and you will be better…So cheer up. Get Well Soon baby, I love you so much!

I don’t know why the doctors took so long to find out that you had fever. I always knew that you were sizzling hot. Get Well Soon

I know I can’t kiss you because you’ve got the flu, but that doesn’t stop me from expressing how much I love you. Get Well Soon Baby

I can also feel your sickness since our body might be separated but our hearts beat us one. Get Well Soon My Dear

Cheer up, honey! For I want to see you fit and happy… Get well soon. I love you!

Baby, your sickness may keep you away from me for a few days… But I promise that we will make it up soon…when you feel better. Get Well Soon I love you!

Hey my love, I know there would be no substitute for my kisses and hugs. But I promise that we will more than make up for it once you are well. Get Well Soon I love you!

Ask your doctor to prescribe medicines for two. Because when you feel sick, I do too. I love you Get Well Soon

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