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The price of a kiss may be your life. Don’t hesitate to pay it. – John A Marshall

The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child. – Joe Houldsworth

Do you remember the first time we kissed? I haven’t been the same since.

A kiss blown is a kiss wasted; the only kiss is a kiss tasted!

A kiss is a divine trick by nature to stop speech when all words are superfluous.

Kisses that are easily obtained
Are easily forgotten

Miss me not, but kiss me a lots.

A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.

Leave a kiss but in the cup, And i’ll not look for wine. – Ben Jonson, To Celia

The sunlight claps the earth
And the moonbeams kiss the sea:
What are all these kissings worth
If thou kiss not me?

My knees fall to the ground, so weak… You call me and I cannot speak. I jump on my bed in a state of bliss… And all of this from just one kiss.

You kiss me to kiss me more.
You hold me to hold me longer.
You love me to love me forever.
What happens when you stop kissing me?

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