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The probability of a topic coming in exam increases exponentially, if one decides to leave the topic completely.

Lovely days in my life : Childhood days, School days & collage days, Horrible days in my life : “only exam days”

To accomplish great things, We must not only act, But also dream, Not only plan but also believe, Best wishes for your exam.

My nights are going sleepless, my days are going useless. So I asked GOD, is this love? GOD replied, dear, result is near.

A student grabbed a coin, Flipped it in the air & said, “Head, I go to sleep.”
Tail, I watch a movie. If it stands on the edge I’ll study.

According to newton’s 4th law for exams every book will continue to be at rest or covered with dust until some external or internal exam moves it!

It takes 15 trees to produce the amount of paper that we use to write one exam.
join us in promoting the noble cause of saving trees. SAY NO TO EXAMS.

All i want you is to be courageous Be calm and be self equipped with facts and figures to conquer this exams battle. I wish you is best of luck in your exams.

Rain of summer, snow of winter, grace of autumn, glory of spring, May beauty of every season give ur heart a beautiful reason 2 smile. May God succeed u in every exams of ur life.

Exams are there, at the paper u stare; the answer is nowhere, which makes u pull ur hair. The teachers make u glare, the grades r not fair, but just like the past 20 yrs, WE DON’T CARE !!

Human brain is the most outstanding object in world. It functions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It functions right from the time we are born, and stop only when we enter the examination hall.

Exams are like GIRL FRIENDS

1 Too Many Questions.
2 Difficult to Understand.
3 More Explanation is Needed.
4 Result is always FAIL!

Cricket is getting excited day by day with the introduction of ICL n T20…

Same rules should be applied in Exams!

(1) Exams Timing Should Be Reduced To One Hour.

(2) Power Play – No Invigilator In Exam Hall For 1st 15 mins.

(3) Cheer Leaders – To Dance After Every Right Answer Written.

(4) Strategic Time-Out – Time For Students For Discussion.

(5) Super Over – Chance For Students To Form Their Own Question

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Mohammad najeeb says:

nice msgs kep update every day

imu says:

the comparison b/w the t20/ipl and exams are very interesting. I wish to see that day coming to existence….

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