15 Exam SMS

Warriors. Wakeup..
It’s time 4 d battle!
Refill ur pens,
Clear d dust 4m ur txt books,
C ur syllabus & plan ur zones..
War begins in 17 days..!

Exams are like girl friends
– too many questions
– difficult to understand
– more explanation is needed
– result is always fail! :d

The probability of a topic
Coming in exam increases exponentially,
If one decides to leave the topic completely….

Xams are there,
At the paper u stare;
The answer is nowhere,
Which makes u pull ur hair.
The teachers make u glare,
The grades r not fair,
But just like the past 20 yrs,
We dont care !!

First line to write in exams:
All the answers written below
Are imaginary and work of my creative mind.
Any resemblence to text book
Is unintentional and purely accidental

Fights for friends.
Joyful trips.
Examination fever.
Suspense of results.
Making parodies of teachers.
Joking with juniors.
Carefree laughters.
Gossips about affairs.
Just everything….
People call it ill manners.
We call it life.

It takes
3 months for a writer
2 months for a doctor
1 month for a lawyer and
Only 1 night before exam for a student
To read a 1000 pages book
All the best!

If a paper comes very tough in exam.
Just close your eyes for a moment.
Take a deep breath and say loudly.
This is a very interesting subject,
I want to study it again.

A father asks peon: how are the studies in this college?
Where do i see my son in future?
Peon: the future is bright,
I had also completed my engineering from the same college!

Wats d height of hope??
It is: sittin in d exam hall,
Holdin d question paper in hand
N tellin ur self
Dude,dnt worry.
Exams wil get postponed!

Lovely days in my life :
Childhood days,
School days
& collage days,
Horrible days in my life :
Only exam days

The law sayz,
If u can’t convince someone, confuse them!
Do u know which law it is?
This is “law of answering in examination”…:-)

7 things students do
During exams preparation:
1- sleeping
2- eating
3- texting
4- watch movies
5-chat with friends
6- dream of touching books
7- ask others
Studied something?

My nights are going sleepless,
My days are going useless.
So i asked god,
Is this love?
God replied,
No dear, exams is near

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