10 Exam SMS

Lovely days in my life : Childhood days, School days & collage days, Horrible days in my life : Only exam days

The law sayz, If u can’t convince someone, confuse them! Do u know which law it is? This is “law of answering in examination”…:-)

7 things students do
During exams preparation:
1- sleeping
2- eating
3- texting
4- watch movies
5-chat with friends
6- dream of touching books
7- ask others
Studied something?

My nights are going sleepless, My days are going useless. So i asked god, Is this love?
God replied, No dear, exams is near

All i want you is to be courageous Be calm and Be self equipped with facts and figures To conquer this exams battle.
I wish you is best of luck in your exams

A hot girl gets in professors cabin and says:
I’ll do anything to pass!!
Prof: anything?
Girl: yes!
Prof: sure??
Girl: yes!
Prof: then prepare for u r exams

To be a good professional, Always start to study late for exams. Because it teaches how to manage time And tackle emergencies!!

Rain of summer, snow of winter, Grace of autumn, glory of spring, May beauty of every season Give ur heart a beautiful reason 2 smile. May god suceed u in every exams of ur life. Good luck & all the best

As long as learning is linked with earning, As long as jobs can only be reached through studying, We must take this examination system seriously. Best of luck!

Our parents have many Options for us like Poison Sleeping pill Hanging by neck Throwing from building But i don’t know why do they choose education

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