Prayer SMS

I Miss You
When i Smell Any Rose,
I Miss You
When i Taste Any Sweet,
I Miss You
When i Look At The Moon,
But Specially
When I Raise
My Hands for Prayer.

*;**;* Flowers för you..
with the Bundlè Of Prayers!
Each petål öf eaçh flower brìngs
My Wishes,
My Prayèrs för you.

Prayer is an open line to Heaven. No cards to use, no low battery problem, no error, no charging, always good signal, and all messages sent. Make prayer a habit and remember me in your prayer.

When earthly help is no avail, there is one friend who will never fail. Just lift ur eyes, the answer is there. For nobody knows the power of prayer. Have a worry free day.

Prayer is not an extra option nor is it a last resort when all other methods have failed. When man works, man works. But when man prays, God works!

God answers prayers – YES: He gives you what you want; NO: He gives you something better; WAIT: He gives you His best in His time…

Prayer is not a spare wheel that
you pull out when you are in trouble.
Use it as a steering wheel that
keep you on right path through out the life.

A ship was sinking…
Captain..: Does any one know how to pray….?
A priest comes forward and says he can pray.
Captain..: O.K. priest, you pray;
Everyone else in ship will wear a life jacket
as we are one jacket short.

Hope you wake up with a smile on your face, a heart full of love and a morning full of inspiration, with a prayer that God will bless you always.

Smile! It will make you look better. Pray, it will keep you strong.

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Angel says:

Each message is really heart touching..Great Collection..Keep it up!

Antoinette says:


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