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Prayer Is Where
An Amazing Exchange Happens.
You Hand Over Ur Worries To God and HE Hands Over HIS Peace to You.

Good things come to those who wait
Better things come to those who try
Best things come to those
who believed
Desired things come to those who pray.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon against downfall,
the most effective medicine against sickness,
and the most valuable gift to someone we care.

.;***;. I
( -_-) Pray
>?)(?< That ,I, Fulfill All Ur Wishes and Maintain a Good Smile On Ur Face forever..

If You Planted Hope Today
In Any Hopeless Heart,
If Someone’s Burden Was Lighter
Because You Did Your Part,
If You Caused A Laugh
That Chased Some Tears Away,
If Tonight Your Name Is Taken
When Someone Kneels To Pray..

The Nicest Place To Be:
Is in The THOUGHTS of Someone.
The Safest Place To Be:
Is in The PRAYERS of Someone.

As Rain Cover The Sun Truth Cover The Lie Angle Cover The Evil Flower Cover The Garden I Wish and Pray That Happiness Cover All The Worries Of Your Life.

The Biggest Suspense Of Life Is… You Know For Whom You Are Praying But….. You Never Know The Person Who Is Praying For You.

In the silence of night when the voices are few! I pray to God take care of you When the stars are shining and the flowers are dew! I pray to God to take care of you When the sun is sleeping and the clouds are in queue! I pray to God t0 take care of you When tears are more and laughter’s are few.

An Excellent line Seen written At Temple wall.
GOD Has Time To Listen.
Do You Have Time To Pray???
Pray Daily and Have a Peaceful Life .

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7 Responses on “Prayer Text SMS”

Aphiwe says:

Oh ma God i love these words

Ogunbiyi Emmanuel Akin says:

I know you have been working from Monday till this moment,
But i pray the Lord will give you rest this weekend, strength you, fill your heart with joy and give you rest to you soul. Happy weekend.

taiwo says:


hauwa says:

My baby love me to

Fatimah says:

Nobody is perfect in life. I need prayer for my future.

Mekonnen Tolla says:

full of nice message that keeps life to run in a meaningful way, really it helps everybody to be optimist and increase integrity of everybody that is the secret of happy life,

Benjamin odighiemugh prophet says:

I need,God to show me who i am,and whom my wife is,and my family,i need a miracle,and that God should anoint me with fire,in jesus name

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