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Prayer Changes Things
Worry Changes Nothing
So, Instead Of Worrying About
What You Can Do, Just Pray and Think Of What
GOD Can Do For You..

Some Time Prayer Doesn’t Change The Situation…!
But it Changes our attitude Towards The Situation,
And Give Us Hope Which Changes Our Entire Life.
“A Busy Life makes Prayers Harder,
Prayers Make a Hard and Busy Life Easier.”

Extending one hand to help somebody has more value, rather than joining two hands for prayer.

The fruit of silence is PRAYER.
The fruit of prayer is FAITH.
The fruit of faith is LOVE.
The fruit of love is SERVICE.
The fruit of service is PEACE.

My sweetest memory-UR msg,
My biggest sadness-The distance,
My biggest hope-i will HUG you soon
My strongest prayer relation continues forever.

The Shortest Distance between a Problem and its Solution
is the Distance between ur Knees and the Floor.
The One who Kneels to Pray to God can Stand Up to Any thing.

A hopeless man feels Difficulty in every chance
A Hopeful man feels a Chance in every difficulty.
So pray before the God to overcome your all difficulties.

He bore it all in silence
Bcoz He held us dear
May He receive our regards
May our Prayers he hear.

A prayer: to bless your way
A wish : to lighten your moments
A cheer: to perfect your day.

Even you go under last layer of earth or above the 7th sky,deep in the ocean or on high peaks of glaciers, you’ll find my prayers covering and protecting you everywhere.

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11 Responses on “Prayer SMS Messages”

Olugbodi afolabi sunday says:

God wil be wt u nd uphod u in jesus name. I luv dis site.

erison says:


towolawi says:

We thank God

adv.r.b.shrivas says:

Great prayer messages for great life.Thanks!

Yemi says:

I will like to read this message everyday

rahul lonkar says:

nice msg

Pat says:

With prayer anytthing is possible

festus odiase says:

Wow dis a wonderful place 2 be wen online

Remilekun says:

I love this…….Nice one

peter otugo says:

Prayer without faith is worthless so therefore always pray with faith of acceptance ……….

Alasa Enitan says:

Please sir/ma,I need lots of prayers in my life,so that my life we change for better……Thank you sir/ma

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