Funny Sms

A ship was sinking.
Captain: Does any one know how to pray?
A priest comes forward and says he can pray.
Captain: Ok priest, you pray;
Everyone else in ship will wear a life jacket
as we are one jacket short.

ALGEBRA: A weapon of math destruction

Woman: The most efficient money reducing agent known to mankind

HELLO, this is your mobile phone. There is no particular problem. I just wanted to leave your pocket, the smell is unbearable!!!

Difference between a man buying a lottery and a man arguing with his wife? Answer: A man buying a lottery has a chance to win!

Teacher: Why is your nose red? Max: I smelled a b-rose. Teacher: But there is no b in rose. Max: There was in this one!

I’m sorry that I’m running late! There is a power failure and I am stuck on the escalator.

What’s the quietest place in the world?
The complaint department at the parachute packing plant

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