Husband Wife Online SMS

Man 2 pretty girl in market:
I lost my wife here, can U talk to me for a while?
Girl: Why?
Man: B’Coz whenever I talk to any Girl, my Wife appears out of nowhere!;-)

Love Is The Thing That …
Enables A Woman To Sing
While She Mops Up The Floor
Her Husband Has Walked Across It
In His Barn Boots … =P ;->

Wife: Wherever We Keep D Money,
Our Son Steals It.
I Don’t Know What To Do About It
Hus: Keep It In His ENGINEERING Books.
He’ll Never Touch!

+ When I Met My Wife
I Knew She Was ‘Miss Right.!’
I Didn’t Know That Her
First Name Was
‘Always’ 🙂

What Is The Next Thing
A Man Should Do After
Winning An
Argument With His Wife ?
Apologize !!!;)

Husband & wife were reading books in public library.
Wife stood up go 2 the librarian, and said: Can i go out to photo state some pages of this book.
Librarian:yes!of course,but plz give me ur i.d or 500 Rs. 4 guarantee,
Wife: whats the need 4 it, my husband is there reading book, while i come,
Librarian: that’s right,but we want that reader should leave his/her such thing 4 that he come back compulsory.

Wife- Beggar Who Came Yesterday Is Very Bad
Husband- Ya ?
Wife- I Gave Him Food Yesterday & Today He Gifted Me A Book How To Cook?

Every Lady Hopes That Her Daughter Will Marry A Better Man Than She Did & Is Convinced That Her Son Will Never Find A Wife As Good As His Father Did !!!!

Man : My wife is too good. She can talk on any subject for hours.
Friend : Ahh!!! my wife is better, she does not even need a subject to talk about!

Wife: ?I Think Our Daughter is in Love with Someone?
?How Do U Know??
?B’coz She ?s Not Asking For Pocket Money?

70 year old man asked his wife.
Do you feel sad when u see me running behind young girls?
Wife: No not at all, even dogs chase cars but they can?t drive it.

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