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If you want to read about love and marriage, you’ve got to buy two separate books. – alan king

The honeymoon is over when the husband calls home to say he’ll be late for dinner and the answering machine says it is in the microwave.

Home Cooking: where many a man thinks his wife is.

Marriage is like a mousetrap. Those on the outside are trying to get in. Those on the inside are trying to get out.

Husband asks,
Do u know the meaning of WIFE?
It means…without information fighting everytime!
Wife on hearing this says,
It could also mean – with idiot for ever.

Marriage puts a ring on a woman’s finger and two under the man’s eyes.

Why bother with marriage? Just find a woman you hate and buy her a house.

The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.

Marriage: the only sport in which the trapped animal has to buy the license.

A husband’s last words should always be ‘ok buy it’.

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