Funny Text SMS

Boy1:Meet my wife Tina
Boy2.Oh! I know her
Boy2:v were caught sleeping together
Boy1:What the hell?
Boy2.during lecture in maths class
Think +ve:)

Wife: yesterday-night I saw a dream That u were sending me Jewelry and clothes! Husband: yeah, I saw your dad paying the bill !!!

God saw me hungry, He created pizza. He saw me thirsty, He created Pepsi. He saw me in dark, He created light. He saw me without problems,He created YOU.

Girl To Her Boy Friend : Darling, Do You Know, Handsome n Smart Boys Always Get Stupid Girl Friends … !!!
Boy :Thankx For The Compliment , Darling ..

Will be Ready in 5 Minutes” said by a GIRL.. and “Will Call you Back in 5 Minutes” said by a BOY Are the same.. !

If we both exchange one rupee, we have one rupee. but if we both exchange one good thought, we have two good thoughts… 🙂 wooww…….m kinna wadddda Genius naaa 🙂 thnku thnku :p

TEACHER- “It’s better to fail than to cheat”
STUDENT- “LOL No, it’s better to cheat than to repeat”
Ab kya kahe aaj kal k bachho ko..

BOY-your teeth are like stars..
Girl-Awwwww,thanks,are they that shining??
Boy-No,they are far from each other..!!
Means tedhe medhe ?

Boy to girl before exam: Hey all the best
Girl: All the best to you too But girl scored 80 marks & boy failed
Moral: Only boys wish with true heart.

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