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Each Person CoMes Into This World With A Specific Destiny:
He Has SoMething To Fulfill,
SoMe Message Has To Be Delivered,
SoMe Work Has To Be CoMpleted.
U R Here Meaningfully,
There Is A Purpose Behind You.
The Whole Intends To Do SoMething Through You…
So please act on my advice and do something for ur bright future.

Today’s nature,
tomorrow’s future,
don’t be the part of pollution
be a part of Solution.

Life is a bike, drive carefully…
Never cross rules…
Which are decided by god…
God is the TRAFFIC POLICE for our life journey…

All use to say BLACK is a unlucky color,
but the truth is,
BLACK board only creates a person wise…

Like birds, let us,
leave behind what we don’t need to carry…
Life is beautiful, enjoy it.

Be strong in your decisions,
either it gives you victory or failure,
but it will teach you a lesson whether to do or not to do in future.

Success won’t comes free of cost,
it comes with
great hard work,
with lots of pain and efforts.

An airplane is always safe at ground.
But it is not made for that.
So always take some meaningful risks,
to make LIFE Successful…

A Beautiful Quote:
“If U can’t be a Pencil to write Any One’s Happiness,
Then try At least to be a Nice Rubber to Erase Every One’s Sorrows..

There is nothing impossible in the world
every thing is possible only you should
remove the word of impossible
from your mind dictionary.

What is easy and what is difficult? Easy is to judge others mistakes and difficult is to recognize our own mistakes.So take take my advice and stop blaming others.

Have you noticed grass? Even if somebody steps on it, it never gets hurt. It never hurts other too. When a wild storm attack, all the big tress get uprooted, but the simple grass survives.So follow the steps shown by right person and be noble and humble like that grass.

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One Comment on “Advice Text SMS”

Akinola Basheer says:

Try as much as possible to listen to everyone,
even if the person is not your friend,
because there must be alesson in what he said

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