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Easy is to judge the mistakes of others,
Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes
Easy is to hurt someone who loves you,
Difficult is to heal the wound
Easy is to set rules,
Difficult is to follow them
Easy is to dream every night,
Difficult is to fight for a dream
Easy is to say we love,
Difficult is to show it every day
Easy is to make mistakes,
Difficult is to learn from them…

Smooth roads never make good drivers..
Smooth sea never make good sailors..
Clear skies never make good pilots..
Problem free life never makes a strong & good person..
Have a tough, but winning day ahead….
Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life..

It is better to cry than to be angry,
because anger hurts others while
tears flow silently threw the soul and
cleanses the heart..

A 10 Years Old Boy Went
To An Ice-cream Shop
& Asked How Much A
Cone Costs ???
Waiter Said Rs: 15 Rs
The Boy Started
Counting How Much He
Had In His Wallet …
Then He Asked
How Much A Small Cup
Waiter Said: 12 Rs
The Boy Asked For A
Small Cup , He Had It
And Paid The Bill & Left
When The Waiter Came
To Pick The Empty Cup ,
He Was Touched. The Boy
Had Left 3 Rs Coins As
Tip For Him …
… Moral …
Try Giving
Something To Everyone
Out Of Whatever Little
You Have …

Those Who Appear
In Your Life
Whether To Help Or
To Harm You Are
All Given By GOD
Meet All Of Them With
A Peaceful Heart But
With A Warrior’s Spirit
You’ll Fail Many Times
In Failing You’ll Learn
And In Learning You’ll
Find Your Way.
Remember There Are
No Mistakes In Life
Only Lessons &
Lessons Will Keep
Repeating Themselves On
Until Learned … (:

Luck is like sand in hands.
It will sneak out through fingers,
no mater gripped firmly or held loosely.
Only hands in the praying posture can save it.

Each Of Us Makes Our
Own Weather
Determines The Color Of
The Skies In The
Emotional Universe
Which We Inhabit …

Work For A Cause
Not For Applause
Live Life To Express
Not To Impress
Don’t Strive To Make
our Presence Noticed
Just Make Your
Absence Felt …

there’s A Luxury In
When V Blame
V Feel that No One Else
Has A Rite 2 Blame Us.
Its d Confession, Not
The Priest that Gives
Us Absolution

Don’t Accept Others
Definition Of Life..
Its Your Life,
Define It Yourself, The
Way U Love It To Be,
Be Yourself B’coz
none Knows About You
Better Than You …

Watch Your Thoughts; They Become Words.
Watch Your Words; They Become Actions.
Watch Your Actions; They Become Habits.
Watch Your Habits; They Become Character.
Watch Your Character; It Becomes Your Destiny.

Is The
Twin Sister Of
One Is A Matter Of
The Other
A Matter Of Time …

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fatimasobiya says:

gud inspirations i like it

anu arya says:

hmmm nice inspiration sms,, i like it

Navi says:

Bdiya h n sch v

Akinola Basheer says:

In life, if you are not grateful for what you had, then you are a gratefool

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