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We weave a tangled web when we first practice to deceive.

Well wisher is not the one who meets U,
And talk with you every day,
Well wishers is the one who may or may not meet U,
But always think of U and your happiness.

What Is Easy And What Is Difficult? Easy Is To Judge Others Mistakes And Difficult Is To Recognize Our Own Mistakes.

What Is The Secret Of Success? Right Decisions,
How Do You Make Right Decisions? Experience,
How Do You Get Experience? Wrong Decision.

What is trust ?? Trust is a feeling that a one year child has , when you throw him in air and catch again , and he enjoys it

What touches us the most is.. Being hurt by some1 U Trust A Lot.. . OR . Being Trusted by some1 U have Hurt a Lot..

What you don’t like happening to yourself, don’t do it to others.

What You Want To See In Others, You Must First See It Inside You. What You Must First Expect It From Yourself. Life Is Just A Mirror.

When a baby born he/she will cry near by all are happy, when anyone die he/she will be plesant but near by all are cry. See how this world is unfair.

When GOD drops needles and pins along ur path in LIFE, dont stay away,, instead pick them up and collect them.they were designed to be STRONG!

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