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You has to learn lesson from others mistakes because you will not get time to do all the mistakes by yourself.

One simple advice to stay happy… Never think about the third person and never thinks what the third person thinks about you.

Life is like a chess game there should not be any move without valid reason because once moved to wrong position it’s very difficult to set back.

Loyalty to friends and loyalty to certain basic principles are essential to success in any sphere.

If hard work is your weapon then success will be your slave.So stop blaming others for your failure and work hard to attain success.

If Your Eyes Are Sweet, You Will Love World. But If Your Tongue Is Sweet, The World Will Love You.

What is the secret of success? Right Decisions.How do you make Right decisions? Experience.How do you get experience? Wrong decisions.

The person who loves you a lot will always do TWO things EXTREMELY for you Silently CARING.. & openly HURTING.. to make you PERFECT.

Lonely hours are the best hours of life because it’s the only time we share our deepest secret with the most trusted person in the world ourselves.

PARENTS are more then god. Do you know why? Because, god gives us life with both happy and sad moments. But, our parents always try to give us happy life

When floods come, the fish eat ants, when water dries, the ants eat fish. Nature gives chance to everyone. Just the strong and wait for our turn.Wait for the time when you got success.

A small Advice

Don’t press the button like this it will Damage Ur Keypad.

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3 Responses on “SMS For Advice”

Rashid baloshi says:

thanks . who has written this advice I so much so much like that typ of advice . again thanks . good adivice

anthony says:

Live is to short,enjoy it. Death is long!!!!!

John says:

Thank alots for dis word.

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