10 Lovely Text Messages Of Marriage

Don’t waste the precious time of your life on anger, offence and indifference. We’ve been given this life to enjoy it. That’s why I wish you to experience a real happiness in your marriage. Congratulations!

Preparation for the wedding wasn’t easy. During this time you compromised and made a lot of mutual decisions. But it was only repetition of your family life. I wish that you life together would be just as successful as your wedding.

People think that love is about feeling butterflies in the stomach and doing foolish things to impress your sweetheart. But it’s merely amorousness. Love and marriage are way deeper – they’re a conscious choice: to care or not to care, to support or not to support, to stay together no matter what or to leave.

You dreamt of meeting someone special, getting married, having kids and living life in happiness. Well, a good half of your fondest dreams has already come true. And I believe it’s only beginning. Congratulations!

Age doesn’t mean anything if you’re living with someone whom you genuinely love and who loves you back. Love makes people younger and more beautiful. Love makes them feel alive and gives a strong urge to live fully. Love is everything and I wish that you wouldn’t be lack of it.

Living together with someone is not easy. We all have our own views and principles… But getting married means that we have to decide what we love more: our principles or each other. I hope that you’ll always choose love.

Home is the place where one can always go when all the other doors are closed. Family will always support us, that’s why we should honour it every minute of our life. Wish you the best of luck in marriage.

Happiness is in the details: a sweet smile in the morning or a kiss goodnight. Marriage gives you a lot of wonderful opportunities to make each other a little bit happier. Don’t neglect it. Congratulations!

Wedding and marriage are two completely different things. Wedding is a pleasant and joyful celebration, while marriage is about having ups and downs, good times and bad times. Marriage is an ordeal. And I wish you to go through the hoop successfully.

Wishing you a very long and happy marriage full of trust, laughter, joy and especially love, good luck on your marriage, and cheers to your future together!

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