10 Beautiful Text Sms Of Marriage

They say that man is the head of the family and woman is the neck that turns the head. And it’s true. Since now you have to operate as a single well-set mechanism. Only so you’ll reach family well-being, success and prosperity.

Love from the first sight is great, but successful and happy marriage on the first try is so much greater. Congratulations on your wedding!

Love is when you want to spend the whole life with your honey and then grow old together. Love is when aging doesn’t scare you. May your marriage bring you much happiness and true love!

The most horrible mistake one can ever make is let the love go. Hold on to it as it’s the last hope on the planet. And it really is. Congratulations on the wedding!

Some people collect coins, others collect cars… But the most wonderful collection one can ever have is the collection of happy years in marriage. Congratulations!

Being a good spouse and parent is the hardest work on Earth, but the reward is worth it. Because laugh and happiness of the loved ones are the most valuable pay for all your pains and efforts.

Just as flowers droop without water, marriage dies without kindness and generosity. This simple rule will lead you to harmony and happiness.
Congratulations on the wedding!

Since the beginning of times wedding ceremony was especially honoured. It means that marriage and love are very powerful things which influence people and even history a lot. May your holy marriage union be always blessed!

Family life is like building a house, brick by brick. It’ll require a lot of patience and time to build a strong and everlasting one. And whether it’s going to be a wretched hovel or a royal palace depends on you.

Nowadays people have more rights and freedoms in issues related to marriage. Everyone has an opportunity to get divorced if the marriage is unhappy. But I wish that you’d never have to take this opportunity. May your marriage be the most amazing time in your life!

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