10 Beautiful Sms Of Marriage

Getting married is like wandering an unfamiliar town: never know what you’ll find but always hope for something special. I believe you’ll find a real treasure. Congratulations!

When people are getting married they’re convinced that they know everything about each other. Well, that’s not exactly true. Only life together will sort things out. Hope that surprises are going to be only pleasant!

Marriage isn’t going to be easy; you’ll have to work on it very hard. But if you really love and treasure each other, you’ll go through any ordeal. Congratulations on your wedding!

Marriage and family relations are a big responsibility, but they’re able to make the world a better place. I congratulate you on the wedding and wish you to enjoy your new life!

Most frequently homeliness is not up to good furniture and a fridge full of food. Homeliness rests on warm and friendly relations between spouses. That’s why I wish you to create the most enchanting atmosphere in your home!

Just as exercises make our bodies fitter and stronger, communication makes family relationships more close-knitted and trustful. Never underestimate the power of words. Congratulations on your wedding!

The majority of love stories have a commonplace end: wedding. But I want to believe that your story is special and this is just the beginning of unforgettable adventures. Congratulations!

There are many things that can ruin even the strongest marriage. But patience and wisdom will help you a lot to save your family. May you family life be always blessed and happy!

Living life is like writing a book. And wedding is a good beginning for it. Whether this chapter of your life is going to be tragic or happy depends on you. Your happiness is in your hands now, don’t lose it.

Creation is a broad notion. People can create works of art or new families, but in both cases it requires commitment and dedication, love and self-sacrifice.

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