10 Text Sms Of Marriage

Your marriage happened for a reason, nothing happens on accident, you two should be happy you have each other! I am very proud of you, and good luck in the future!

Don’t stop holding each other’s hands on hard times,
because those are the times you both need each other
more than ever before, don’t turn your backs on each other
it doesn’t work that way, I wish you an amazing marriage!

You won’t be a good couple if you don’t accept each other for who you really are,
you both have to be yourselves, and not try to change each other, because if you do, you won’t be happy.

You two are married for a reason, God has something very special planed for you two, you just have to see it in the future, good luck finding happiness and joy, because you need those thing in your life!

Never let each other feel alone, because that is the worst feeling in the world, you two are a married couple, you have to be together through ups and downs.

You two are a miracle, your marriage is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, just like your love, its very amazing how two people who were once strangers can love each other so much, good luck!

You two are now together for life, ’till death do you part, you look very happy together, but know that it won’t be all rainbows and sunshine, there will be storms and thunder so be ready!

You two are amazing together, you have fight, like all people do, but what is amazing is that you stay together, faithful and happy, you are an inspiration!

Your marriage is like a miracle, it wasn’t planned, but it happened for a reason. And that reason is your future together! Good luck creating it!

May this special day be the beginning of the happiest time of your life!

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