Messages Of Invitation

Come celebrate one wonderful man
A surprise party is the elaborate plan!
So if he asks, you must tell lies
Spilling the secret would not be wise!
We’ll laugh a lot and have some fun
DAD will surely remember this one.

……. turns 10
Join us for a super-party full of fun, mischief and food.
Do bring your kiddos along to multiply the fun and frolic.

How time has flown ,we can’t believe
she’s grown!
She’s really cute, she’s grown!
so much fun.
Our baby girl is turning ONE!

Gear up for a special treat, and lots of fun and enjoyment, because I’m turning One, and you’ll be a guest of mine!

Our bundle of joy is turning 1 on (date); please be at his/her birthday to shower your blessings.

She has completed year one and celebrating her first birthday. Please be there to wish the birthday girl a very ‘happy birthday’

Our little child is turning one It is and occasion for us to have fun Your gracious presence is requested To join us at the grand celebration.

It will be an honour to have you as a part of my wedding celebration. Please be present as I will need you moral support to take such a leap of faith.

I didn’t realise how time flew, and now my daughter is turning two. Please come to her birthday party and laugh, eat, and play.

Two lovebirds are entering their fifth year of being together. As you had witnessed our union in holy matrimony, please come and celebrate the occasion of your fifth wedding anniversary.

Today my boy has reaped the fruits of his hard work and completed his degree with flying colours. I wish to invite you to his graduation party to be held next week at our beach house.

My doll knows the colours now. So bring your drawing brushes to colour and paint while my daughter’s fourth birthday we celebrate.

You all have contributed to my success, and as I expand my business and open a new office in the city, I request you all to be present at the opening party.

You have been my pillar of strength when the times were rough. Now that I have got a promotion, I want to share my success with you and make you a part of my celebration. It will be an honour to see you at the Royal Phantom clubhouse Sunday evening.

A wonderful couple has shared fifty long years with each other. I would love to celebrate this momentous journey of theirs, as they complete a golden jubilee of marriage. As a blessed son, I would like to invite you to the anniversary party of my Mom and Dad on their very special day.

Life without a goal is like a lamp without light. As I have reached my goal of becoming a doctor, I wish to invite you to this celebration of my success and share my happiness.

I am what I am because of my parents. Their love gave life to me, and as they celebrate thirty years of togetherness, I want to thank them for everything. Request your presence at their anniversary party.

My happiness knows no bounds as my daughter has decided to marry a wonderful man. Request you to gift us with your presence on my girl’s Big Day.

After three long years abroad, my brother is coming home next week. I have missed him and so have you; so come and celebrate his homecoming in red and blue.

She likes to read, and he likes to golf, but soon they will play with a little doll. On the occasion of my daughter-in-law’s baby shower, I want you to bless the would-be-mother.

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