Invitation Sms

Please join us for the birthday celebration of our little princess.

We are inviting you to join the birthday fun of (name of the celebrator).

Please reserve the date as you are requested to be present at my birthday party.

Join the hoopla. We are celebrating the first birthday of our son.

Come have a slice or even two…(NAME) wants to celebrate his/her birthday with you!

Together, (bride’s name) and (groom’s name), we are inviting you to our engagement party. Please come and do us the honor.

We are ecstatic to be able to announce our engagement. We would be glad if you can join us for the event on (date) at (venue).

We are requesting the honor of your presence at our engagement party.

We are pleased to invite you at our child’s engagement party. Please join us for the grand celebration on (date) at (venue).

Our little girl is now all grown up and about to set out on a new journey. We invite you to celebrate her engagement with the love of her life, (name of the groom).

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