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For all the best days of our lives, For every miracle of waking up each morning, We want to express how grateful we are to the Lord. Please come and join us.

Food and drinks are ready. Complete it with your presence. Come and join our party.

I am not about to talk about what’s romantic in my life – I figure if you talk about it once – then that’s an open invitation for everyone to dig into your personal life even further.

Today, the US spends less on defense as a percentage of our economy than we did at any time since he Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. For the world’s only superpower, that is an invitation to very serious trouble.

The other thing is quality of life; if you have a place where you can go and have a picnic with your family, it doesn’t matter if it’s a recession or not, you can include that in your quality of life.

It’s again the time of the year to celebrate (name of the celebrator)s birthday. We are inviting all friends from far and near to come and join the celebration.

Its always a pleasure to have you all at my birthday parties. So, please dont be late for this one.

(Name of the celebrator) is blowing a candle and making a birthday wish. Do come along singing your favorite birthday song.

Please join us to celebrate the birthday of (name of the celebrator). We will have a party with lots of fun, food and drink.

Its party time! (name of the celebrator) is turning nine There will be clowns, games and fun Join us for a grand birthday celebration!

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