Birthday Wishes Messages

Bring to your mind the best of moments which we have shared together.

Bring to your face the best of smiles we had put while sharing silly jokes.

Bring to heart the best of emotions often shared between us.

Bring to eyes the best of joy we had while seeing each other.


Friends are Hidden Treasures who come out like rainbows after a storm to brighten our days in their special kind of way. Friendship is a gift we are lucky to receive. Its precious and priceless. Friendship is something we all need. It can’t be traded in, borrowed or sold… “Friendship is Forever”. Sending warm wishes on your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

A SMILE on your FACE
A Spring in your STEP
A SONG in your HEART
Joys to hold Dear
Loved once to hold near
Moments to cherish
all through the year

Wishing you a Birthday that is a true celebration of the Heart.

We have Instant Coffee.
We have Instant Food.
We have Instant success.
We have instant love.
NOW ……

We Need an Instant Party from you


When I woke this morning, I ran to the window and peeked outside to remind the sun that today is a special day your birthday and he smiled and promised to shine on you all day long, no matter where are you – Have a great B’Day.

To a friend who is so caring, so special and lovable, so thoughtful and understanding, wishing you bunches of love and happiness …….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I always wait for your birthday to come.
I love to sparkles in your eyes when you light the CANDLES.
I love to see the smile on your face broadening, as you cut the CAKE.
I love to see you enjoying so much, as you celebrate your BIRTHDAY.
That’s why I always wait for your birthday to come…..


May your heart be light
May your dreams take flight
May happiness hover from morning till night
Cake with candles, gifts and friends
Hope the party never ends!!

Like a rainbow, you bring color to ordinary places.
Like a sunset, you add brilliance.
Like a river, you know the way.
Like the patience of the forests, you wait for your dreams to grow
and like a special flower in the garden you grow stronger and more beautiful each day.


A birthday is a great celebration, May you have lots of fun…
A birthday is a special day to spend, may you have a wonderful one…
A birthday is a time of warm wishes, so here’s for you, a whole bunch.

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