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While thinking fro your birthday present I decided birthday cake will loose the taste, even the baloon wil deflate, the birthday flower will wither too and a pretty will not last long, But the Birthday Wishes will keep multiplying each day. So I decided to send you wishes this Birthday…… HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Wishing you TIME to enjoy the gifts of each day
LAUGHTER to help meet life’s many challenges
FRIENDS to share your joy
DREAMS to keep you going
Wishing you HAPPINESS through all the seasons of your life


As we make wishes on your birthday
May your life be as sweet as a birthday cake
As stedy as time and as dreamy as a fairytale
May the coming year bring your special dreams come true.

We decided to make this your biggest birthday ever!
We ordered the biggest cake we could find!
To deliver this cake to you we had to have a dinosaur
Haul it out of the jungle
Ship it accross the ocean
Fly it over mountain
And have it hauled halfway across the country
But we got it there
Well….OK….maybe it wasn’t quite that big!


As fresh as the white of the pearl,
As vibrant as the brilliant yellow of the rose,
May your birthday brings you bright new promises
of many more Rainbows yet to Unfold

H A P P Y — B I R T H D A Y

Fondly thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you LOADS OF LUCK and hoping, that each day of the coming year, brings for you BRIGHT MOMENTS and wonder ful opportunities and may the moments, that you spend with your dear ones, add on to your treasure-chest of SWEET MEMORIES………. HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY

May your special day…
Surrounded with happiness,
Filled with laughter,
Wrapped with pleasure,
Brightened with fun,
Blessed with love,
Remembered with joy,
…and enriched with hopes.


On this special day delight in the joys that are little
Sometimes unexpected too and that bring in sweet surprises
Delight in the life that’s so beautiful
Sending your way warm wishes on your Birthday.

Thinking special thoughts of you because your birthday is here and wishing you a lovely day that starts a joyous year, May each and every moment be bright and happy one from when you first awake today until the day is done.


Birthday is a time
To pause and celebrate the year…
To refresh your memories of happy time…
And look forward to new hopes and joys…
Here’s wishing you a special day of joy and celebration,
A day you’ll cherish every moment of

Have a wonderful Birthday

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