Lovely Messages Of Birthday

Remember when you had few candles on the cake! Now cake is hidden underneath candles. Btw Happy birthday!

Wishing you healthy and wealthy living. Happy Birthday!

Some special words for you on your birthday: Smiling as long as you’ve those teeth.

Birthdays are the times when your cake is on fire and your age is revealed. BTW Happy birthday!

Ya, ya! No sermons! Just wishing you a Happy Birthday! Have great fun.

This birthday, I thought of giving you something precious, then I remembered you already have me in your life.

When I looked for something sweet to send you, the stars asked if they would do.

Today may be just another day for others; for me your birthday is the best day of the year.

So what if it’s your 40th birthday? Think of it as becoming a classic over getting older.

Last year was tough on you, but you are fit again! Wishing you a great comeback. Happy Birthday!

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