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Success of life will create crowd for you,
Tough time in life will create a true person in you.

sweetness in your speech
talent in your mind
love in your heart
peace in your eyes
strength in your hands &
I wish always victory in your life .

If You can’t Fly !
If You can’t Run !
If You Can’t Walk !
But Keep Moving Towards Your Goal!

Born with personality is an accident but Dying as a personality is an achievement.
Your birth may be normal, but Your death should be history.
Practice like a devil and play like an angel.
Do or die is an old concept. Do it b4 die is a new concept.

If people around you,
are trying to pull you down.
Be proud about it.
B’coz it only means one thing that:

Always refresh your mind.
Delete your mistakes.
Create your own dream.
Minimize your negative thoughts.
Maximize your targets
Shut down your worries
Be Happy

When God solve your problem,
then you feel happy.
B’coz you have faith in his abilities.
When God doesn’t solve your problem,
then you are getting worry.
But don’t worry,
B’coz he has faith in your ability.

If you worry about a trouble it becomes double
but when you smile at it, it disappears like a bubble
so always smile at your problem.
keep smiling

Experiences are like waves,
They come to you on shore of life,
Drag the sand from beneath your feet,
But each wave makes you stand on a new base.

Laugh at your mistakes,
but learn from them.
Joke over your troubles,
but gather strength from them.
Have fun with your difficulties,
but overcome them.
Good Day!

It was written on an old man’s T-shirt:
“I am not 60
“I am 16 with 44 years of experience”
That’s Attitude,
Think Differently…!

Relationships r like birds,
if u hold tightly they DIE
if u hold Loosely, they FLY
but if u hold with care,
They remain with U 4ever.

4 Hardest Tasks on Earth are
Neither Physical nor Intellectual Feats but
They are Spiritual Ones:
To Return Love for Hate.
To Include the Excluded.
To Forgive Without Apology.
To be Able to say I Was Wrong.

Every man has in himself a
continent of undiscovered character…
Happy is he who acts as the
to his own soul …

Beautiful Message by Mother Teresa:
“If you cannot love a person
whom you see,
then how can you love
GOD whom you have never seen”

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Woooo..w!!love it!!So inspiring

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