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Faith Makes All Things Possible,
Love Makes All Things Easy,
Hopes Makes All Things Work,
But Ur Gorgeous Smile Brings All Faith,
Luv & Hope In Me!

No words powerful to show my love There Are No Words Powerful EnoughTo Show My Feelings For You,But Trust Me,I LOVE YOUI REALLY LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

A from of true love is, When you just want the best for that person, No matter it includes you or not.

In the walk of life, don’t worry of people moving ahead of you. Take your own time… but once you are ready to run,
Make sure you are the best of all!

My Eyez Miss U
My Feelingz Love U
My Hand Need U
My Mind Call U
My Heart Juxt 4 U
I Will Die Without U
Bcoz I Love U.

A little note to say:
You are always on my mind and very close to my heart.

God Bless you, Your mother cares for you, Your friends miss you, and I Love you.

What is love? Love is the 7th sense that destroys all the six senses and makes the person believe non-sense

Loving is not how u forget but how u forgive,
not how u listen but how u understand,
not what u see but how u feel, and
not how u let go but how u hold on.

There is not a single night, without a dream of you. I dream of you day and night, Monday to Sunday, eyes open, eyes close, every moment and every instant, I just dream to have you in my life.

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