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A beautiful thought-
No one can go back & change a bad beginning!
But anyone can start anything anytime & create a successful ending!!

Life has no 2nd edition to correct it later..
It has only 1 edition which should be the Best..
So lets be careful while writing every page!! 🙂

Nothing can be changed by changing face,
But everything can be changed by facing the change..
Have a nice life with sweet changes!! 🙂

Keep d smile, Leave d tear..
Think of joy, Forget d fear..
Hold d Laugh, Leave d pain..
Be joyous everyday!!

Life never turns d way we want,
But we can live it d best way we can..
There is no perfect life,
But we can fill it with perfect moments.. 🙂

U want & u get, that’s luck!
U want & u wait, that’s time!
U want but u compromise, that’s life!
U want,u wait & u don’t compromise, that’s success!!

Whoever u may be, Wherever life leads u,
U r always
a Mom’s child,
a Dad’s dream,
a Family’s future,
a Friend’s heart &
Someone’s life!
Be d best of it.. ”

Do not loose what u have by desiring what u don’t have!
Coz what u have now is 1 of d many things U once desired..

Golden words of Hitler- “Wen u r in light, Everything will follow u! But wen u r in dark, even ur own shadow will not follow u..”

Whenever u r Depressed, Confused or Hurt
Don’t Worry!
Stand in front of d mirror & you’ll find d Best Person who’ll solve all ur problems!

World’s saddest sentence said by World’s funniest person Charlie Chaplin- “I love to walk in d rain coz no one can see my tears..”

A cotton wool flying in air is due to its luck!
But a Bird flying in air is its Effort
So don’t worry if Luck doesn’t support u!
Efforts r yours!!

Life has no pause buttons!
Dreams have no expiry date!
Time has no holiday!
So don’t waste a single moment in ur life..
Live it! Rock it! 😉

A man was walking on a shaking bridge.
He prayed for help!
He saw God on d other side of d bridge & asked God to come near..
But God didn’t come.
Man got angry.
With great difficulty he crossed to d other side & saw God holding d broken bridge..
Trust him..
His ways r amazing!!

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Eric Asante says:

this words of motivation has done positive things in my life

venkatesh says:

Super sentences to get motivate

venkatesh says:


lawal kazeem says:

I love it

Ajinkya says:

Nice messages

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waishejesu says:

thank you for your sms

Maunil shah says:

I want a daily msg on my num

srinibash behera,injana says:

I am happy to get this site

Dhananjay Dhore says:

I like the msges and what a inspirational it is !…but there is only one page of motivational msges ….if possible add more….!

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