Get well Soon wishes SMS for Colleague

Your absence has not just left your cubicle empty, but our hearts empty too. Get well soon

There are many people to help you cope up with your sickness at home, but there is nobody to help me cope up with your absence in the office. Get well soon

While the company is worried about its numbers taking a hit in your absence, I am worried about my happiness. Get Well Soon

The office is feeling empty without you. To talk about, there is nothing new. We are all waiting for you to come back, so at lunchtime we can catch up over a snack. Get well soon.

There is a lot of work to be done, and we are falling behind without our number one. Get Well Soon

The word soon doesn’t convey the hurry with which I want you to get back to work. So here’s wishing you get well urgently. Get Well Soon

Stay at home, take enough rest.Go to the doctor, undergo all the tests. Don’t come to work, until you feel your best. But get well soon, at the very earliest. Get Well Soon

I hope you feel better and stop feeling weak. I feel glum because I miss my favorite colleague. Get well soon

Do you know what inspiration, motivation and encouragement have in common? They have all been missing from the office ever since the day you fell sick. Get Well Soon

I come to office with a heavy heart and leave with an empty soul. Without a colleague like you to work with, I feel bored in my role. Get Well Soon

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