Get Well Soon Messages

I am very grateful that you are my boss. Best wishes for your healthy body and a better future ahead. I miss you and wish you quick recovery.

I will always and forever stand beside you. Wish I had magic to make you healthy my boss. Wish you a faster recovery and good health.

We are here to stand alongside you as you recover and take a well deserved rest. Get better soon!

Don’t worry, you will be back at the office in no time. And as soon as you are, you will be wishing you were in bed, resting.

Waiting eagerly for you to recover soon and make office days lively again. Get well quick!

If you don’t get well soon, we’ll come and drag you to work. Seriously, we all miss you and hope for a quick recovery. Get well soon!

Even though you are enjoying your days off, we all miss you here and hope you’ll be better soon! Cheers!

We all got you a special welcome back present but it’s too big to send it, so get better soon so you can come at the office and open it!

We all miss your lively presence and we want you to know that our best thoughts are with you. You can fight this illness and we know you will be back with us soon. Hope you’ll be on your feet quickly!

You fooled the boss into thinking you are ill but i know you are just on vacation. If you don’t want me to tell the boss about this, get back at the office immediately! Seriously though, i wish you make a speedy recovery and know that if you need anything you can count on me.

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