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We don’t need a hero to make our days lively at the office, we need you! Get better faster! We all know you can do it and our best thoughts are with you!

Dearest brother, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers and your absence is creating a vacuum that is difficult to fill. Everyone here wishes you a speedy and healthy recovery and will be pray for your healing until you return.

Sister, I am praying for your speedy recovery. I miss your laughter, your helpfulness and kindness. Things just don’t feel right when you’re not here. Take good care and know that you are missed by many! We will be eagerly awaiting your return!

Get well soon! No one likes to be sick; especially you. You are always so upbeat and with you gone, the place is just too quiet. Follow your doctor’s orders—even though I know it’s hard—and before you know it you will be in tip-top shape!

Dearest brother, I am missing all those moments when we used to have fun and laughter. Everyone in the family misses you and we just can’t believe you’re not here. Nothing is the same without your humor and jokes. Take good care, get your rest and come back to us soon. We miss you so much!

I know that you would be ableto get through this by yourself,but why should you have to?I just wanted you to know that I am here for you always.

There are some times that we need to know that people care about us. This is one of those times, and I happen to be one of those people. Hope you feel better soon.

I am praying that you get well soon and receive all the comfort and encouragement that you need in the meantime.
Wishing for your speedy recovery!

I know being sick is awful. So here I am to cheer you up and put some smile on your face.
Please take care and get well soon.

I feel so alive when I am with you. But now that you’re not feeling well, I’m missing you bad and I’m thinking about those times that we’re happy together. I am longing to see those lively smiling face of yours. Get well soon,

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