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A man is not finished,
When he is defeated.
He is finished when he quits.
So never quit because winners
Never quit and quitters never win.

First they ignore you,
Then they ridicule you,
Then they fight you,
Then you win.

I grew up thinking that because i couldn’t read,
I was stupid and would never amount to anything.
I worked my way through college as a waitress and
Thought i wasn’t capable of doing anything else.
My grades in English were horrible, and
I barely got through.

When you start caring about yourself,
You start loving somebody.
But when start caring about others
Somebody will start loving you.

As a tree grows up and stands straight,
You also grow mentally, physically and
Spiritually & stand straight in any circumstances.

As a tree stands straight against heavy winds and rains,
You also stand straight in any unpleasant situations with brave.

Close your eyes and go to sleep,
For angels are there for you to keep.
If there are worries, please don’t weep.
I’m at the other side, just give me a beep.

Some of the world’s greatest feats
Were accomplished by people not smart
Enough to know they were impossible.

Celebrating someone else’s success
Is not a measure of your own failure.

It is manlike to punish but godlike to forgive

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