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Success comes to those who strive for it. I’m sure you’ll be successful one day.
Good luck!

Be prepared always, so that when the opportunity comes knocking, you can take its full advantage. Good luck and all the best for the future!

If you try and lose you are not a loser. It is the quitters who are the actual losers. Do%20not quit – just keep trying.

Always have faith in your ability; success will come your way eventually. Best of luck!

Congratulations on your achievements! I’m sure more success will come your way.

May your worries end with the day and the sunrise bring in new hopes in your life. Best of luck and keep smiling always.

If you ever need someone to hold your hands at the time of need, you can always turn to me. Good wishes for ever buddy!

Do%20not get disheartened by your failures. There is no achiever in the world who hadn’t tasted failure at least once.

To achieve great things in life you shouldn’t only dream or plan but also try to get it.

A smile is the curve that can put all the worries straight. Face all the problems with a smile.

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