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Between a 1000 yesterdays and a million tomorrows,
There is only one today,
And i would not let this day pass without saying..
“thanks for”
Being such a lovely friend”

These are some of the romantic countries in the world.
H.o.l.l.a.n.d. – hope our love lasts and never dies.
I.t.a.l.y. – i trust and love you.
L.i.b.y.a. – love is beautiful; you also.
F.r.a.n.c.e. – friendships remain and
Never can end….

A prayer can go where i cannot go.
Through prayers i can be with you without being there.
I may be miles away but my prayers with u..!

If you cry
Because the sun has gone
Out of your life,
Your tears will prevent you
From seeing the stars.

Let all my smile be yours
All your tears be mine,
Let all my happiness be yours
All your sadness be mine,
Let the whole world be yours,
Only you be mine…

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