Ten Best Friend SMS Collection

My friend Ur words r ANTIBIOTICS, Ur smile is ANALOGESIC,
Ur touch is ANTI-INFLAMTORY, Ur presence is ANTISEPTIC,
Ur SMS is ANTI-PYRETIC.. That’s why i never fall ill:)

MY friendship is just like a rubber band, It is too flexible, Stretch it as much as u can, but if u leave it,it ‘ll hurt u a lot, really a lot!

My friendship is like DRUGS,once u take it u can’t avoid it,when u don’t get it u r sick & when u lose it u r destroyed . . . ! ! !

My friendship is like onion which have many layers if u try cut it then u will have tears in ur eyes

My friendship is not like moon, not like sun, not like stars,bcoz all of these disappear at time.My friendship is like a sky which is always watching u & informing me

My Frndshp is Lyk a Drug, 1ce u take it u cant avoid it,
Wen u dnt get it u r sick,
N wen u loose it u r destryd,
So beware of me n b my frnd 4evr.

My girlfriend ran off with my best friend after a relationship of 4 years….Oh how I miss my friend.

My heart’s like an open book,
It depends on how u read me.
Don”t judge me by my cover..
Look in and discover..
I will be ur True friend
For ever…

My soul REACTED,
My heart ACCEPTED,
Thousands wer REJECTED,
But u wer selected to b my
Cho……..chweet frnd.

Never abandon an old friend…you’ll never find one who can take his place, friendship is like wine it gets better as it grow older.

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